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About ESX NoPixel Server

This ESX NoPixel Server is Fully Modified from NoPixel and Qbus Server Scripts. This server is an ESX Framework server of Fivem. This server was included with 300+ Premium Scripts with Maps and vehicles. The server works smooth and excellent with no issues at all with Few bugs or problems. We are not providing any support on this server. and you will not get any refund on this purchase.

Server features

  • NoPixel Multi Character
  • Good Hud and UI
  • NoPixel Inventory
  • NoPixel Phone
  • Whitelist Jobs
  • Illegal Jobs (Weed, Cocaine and other)
  • Bank Robbery
  • Store Robbery
  • NoPixel Admin Menu
  • 20+ Jobs
  • Tokovoip
  • Police MDT
  • Whitelist Script
  • vMenu
  • Anticheat
  • Motels
  • NoPixel Car Custom
  • NoPixel Emote Menu
  • Cityhall
  • Court system
  • NoPixel Player Scoreboard
  • NoPixel Spawn Menu (Multi Locations, Own House, Motel)
  • 100+ Maps
  • 200+ Vehicles
  • and many other features.


      1. Hi, om thinking of purchasing the server. Does it have all the necessary files? like a the sql is there for every script? I dont want to buy it if it doesnt work and i get errors

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$50.00 – $50.00


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Last Update: February 7, 2021
Released: November 10, 2020