Easytime – FiveM Time & Weather Script: A Comprehensive Review



Features of Easytime – FiveM Time & Weather Script: A Comprehensive Review :

  • Dynamic Weather with Natural Cycles:
    • The natural progression of weather events for more realistic transitions.
    • Prevents abrupt shifts, like moving from a sunny day to a thunderstorm in a matter of seconds.
    • The option for instant changes remains available.
    • Progressive increase in intensity. For example, the rain will start off light and gradually become heavier.
  • Persistent Weather:
    • Store configurations like time, weather type, and dynamic weather settings in a settings.txt file.
    • The configurations get auto-applied post-server restart.
  • Instant or Smooth Forced Time/Weather Changes:
    • Staff can use the in-game UI to modify time and weather.
    • Instant changes are immediate.
    • Gradual transitions are subtle, almost imperceptible to players.
  • Smooth Time and Weather Experiences:
    • Time: Seamless time progression ensures no abrupt shadow movements.
    • Weather: Transitions take up to 3 minutes, ensuring a subtle shift that players barely notice.
  • In-game User Interface (UI):
    • Provides control over major changes like time modification, dynamic weather toggling, and activating blackouts.
  • Configurable Weather Events:
    • Tailor weather patterns by setting percentage probabilities for rain, thunder, or snow.
  • Full Sync Across All Players:
    • Ensures that all players experience the same weather settings. Compatible with ESX/QBCore frameworks.
  • Shell Support:
    • Trigger event options when entering or leaving a shell.
    • Personalized time and weather settings for individual players to prevent unwanted effects inside the shell.
  • Blackout Mode:
    • Global light switch-off for the entire city.
    • Configurable options to keep vehicle lights on during blackouts.
  • Freeze Time Feature:
    • Lock time at a specific moment, disabling its progression.
  • Optimized Performance:
    • Meticulously designed for seamless server performance.
  • Animated Time Slider:
    • User-friendly UI feature to adjust the time.
  • Tsunami Warning (Pre-restart Warning):
    • Immersive in-character warning system for server restarts.
    • Includes visual and auditory alerts for players.


  • Requires Familiarity: New users might need time to get acquainted with all the features.
  • Dependence on Server Performance: While the script is optimized, overall performance depends on the server’s capability.
  • Potential Overwhelm: The myriad of customizable options can be overwhelming for some users.

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