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Immerse yourself in the gritty world of organized crime with the FiveM Ballas Gang Map – a roller-coaster ride through garages, drug labs, and weapon rooms, painting an unfiltered portrait of the Ballas’ underworld.

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The Ballas Gang Map for FiveM is a comprehensive territory that features an MLO vehicle garage, underground weed and drugs labs and manufacturing units, and two weapon rooms. It presents an immersive and detailed landscape for users to explore, interact with, and navigate.

The MLO vehicle garage is a high-tech area designed to cater to all vehicle-related needs of the gang. It is equipped with advanced features for repair, maintenance, and modification of vehicles. It serves as a strategic resource for the gang, enabling quick getaways and promoting efficient transportation throughout the map.

Underground, the map houses meticulously designed weed and drug labs. Here, characters can engage in production and manufacturing of various illegal substances. These clandestine labs, hidden beneath the urban sprawl, offer an exciting facet of gameplay, adding depth and realism to the gang theme.

The Ballas Gang map also includes two weapon rooms. Stocked with an array of firearms and ammunition, these areas serve as central hubs for the gang’s defense and attacks. They underscore the gritty realism and risk factor associated with gang life in the game.


  • MLO Vehicle Garage: A one-stop solution for all vehicle-related needs, enabling efficient transportation and rapid escapes.
  • Underground Weed and Drug Labs: Offering immersive gameplay through the manufacturing and trading of illicit substances.
  • Weapon Rooms: Stocked with a variety of weapons, providing crucial resources for the gang’s activities.
  • Detailed Map Design: Providing an immersive and realistic gang-life experience.
  • Strategic Resource Points: Intended to enhance the tactical aspects of the game.
  • Interactive Elements: Enhancing user experience and engagement by offering a range of activities within the gang theme.


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Ballas Gang Map Ballas Gang Map
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