FiveM Bahama Mamas V2 Mlo



Present an all new way to live the nightlife! Bahama Mamas has now been completely renewed with a new fully original and animated structure, all new features and comforts

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Here is a short description of each feature:

  • Custom 100% original interior structure: The interior of the club has been completely redesigned, with a new layout and new furniture.
  • Custom DJ column: The DJ column is now animated, with lights and effects that will keep you entertained.
  • Custom furniture and animated props: The furniture and props in the club have been custom-made to fit the style of the club. They are also animated, so they will move and interact with you.
  • Custom animations all over the club: There are custom animations all over the club, from the dancing people to the moving lights.
  • Custom bar area: The bar area has been custom-made, with new drinks and cocktails to choose from.
  • Textures and materials: The textures and materials in the club have been updated, giving the club a more realistic look and feel.
  • Custom garage area accessible from the back: There is a custom garage area accessible from the back of the club, so you can park your car and head straight to the party.


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