FiveM Bunker Rive Mlo



FiveM Bunker Rive Mlo is a highly detailed and customizable underground bunker interior modification that offers a multi-level, interactive, and immersive experience for role-playing enthusiasts on the FiveM platform.

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FiveM Bunker Rive Mlo is a highly detailed and immersive multi-level interior modification for the popular FiveM role-playing platform. It provides players with an underground bunker complex that offers various features and functionalities. Here are some key features of the Bunker Rive Mlo:

  • Multi-level Design: The bunker consists of multiple levels, including living quarters, command centers, storage rooms, and recreational areas, providing a realistic and diverse environment for role-playing scenarios.
  • Customizable Spaces: Players can personalize different areas of the bunker, such as bedrooms, offices, and recreational zones, allowing for individuality and creativity.
  • Interactive Objects: The Mlo includes interactive objects like computers, surveillance systems, and storage units, enhancing the role-playing experience by enabling players to engage with their surroundings.
  • Hidden Secrets: The bunker contains hidden compartments and secret passages, encouraging exploration and discovery within the Mlo.
  • Realistic Lighting and Effects: The interior is designed with realistic lighting effects, shadows, and particle systems, creating an immersive atmosphere for players.


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