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Experience the ultimate car buying experience at the 2-floor Fivem Car Dealership MLO, conveniently situated near the Pink Cage Motel. With its reception area, offices, meeting room, and a host of additional features, this modern car dealership provides everything you need and more.

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Introducing the 2-Floor Fivem Car Dealership MLO, conveniently located near the Pink Cage Motel. This meticulously designed modification offers a fully immersive car dealership experience with a range of features and functionalities.

Let’s explore the product description and its step-by-step features:

Floor 1:

  • Exit: A designated exit area for easy access in and out of the car dealership.
  • Car Gate: A secure car gate to control the flow of vehicles entering and leaving the dealership premises.
  • Reception: A welcoming reception area where customers can inquire about vehicles and receive assistance from friendly staff.
  • Toilets: Conveniently placed toilets for customers and employees.
  • 3x Display Spaces for Cars: Showcasing a variety of vehicles to entice potential buyers and provide a visual spectacle.

Floor 2:

  • Reception: A second reception area, providing an additional point of contact for customers and ensuring efficient service.
  • Changing Room: A dedicated changing room for dealership staff to maintain a professional appearance.
  • Break Room: A comfortable break room where employees can relax and rejuvenate during their downtime.
  • Offices: Well-equipped offices for dealership managers and administrators to conduct business operations effectively.
  • Meeting Room: A fully furnished meeting room for important discussions, negotiations, and presentations.
  • Elevator & Car Elevator: Conveniently located elevators for easy access between floors, including a car elevator to transport vehicles between levels.
  • 2x Display Spaces for Cars: Additional display spaces to showcase high-value vehicles and attract potential buyers.

With its comprehensive layout and thoughtful design, the 2-Floor Fivem Car Dealership MLO offers a complete car buying experience, including reception areas, offices, meeting rooms, convenient amenities, and stunning display spaces. It’s the ideal environment for role-playing servers and car enthusiasts to immerse themselves in a realistic car dealership setting.

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