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FiveM DMV Mlo : Incorporating these 12 rooms, the New Unique DMV MLO with 3D design presents a comprehensive and realistic virtual representation of a DMV facility, enhancing roleplay and immersion within your FiveM serve

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Introducing the New Unique FiveM DMV MLO with 12 rooms, a revolutionary addition to FiveM servers. This meticulously designed interior is not just another ymap build, but a proper MLO with stunning 3D visuals that will elevate your gaming experience. With its diverse range of rooms and features, this DMV MLO is sure to impress both players and server administrators alike.

Key Features:

  • Meeting Room: A spacious room equipped for meetings, discussions, and briefings.
  • 2 Offices: Private offices for administrative tasks, providing a professional environment for DMV staff.
  • Test Room: A dedicated area for conducting driving tests, complete with realistic props and signage.
  • 2 Teaching Rooms: Specialized rooms for driver education, enabling interactive and immersive learning experiences.
  • 2 Toilets: Conveniently located restrooms for visitors and staff.
  • Lobby: A welcoming entrance area with stylish decor to greet guests and customers.
  • Reception: A dedicated reception desk to handle inquiries, appointments, and provide customer assistance.
  • Staff Room: A comfortable space for DMV personnel to take breaks and recharge.
  • Locker Room: A secure area for staff to store personal belongings and uniforms.

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FiveM DMV MloFiveM DMV Mlo | Driving School Mlo Fivem
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