Unique FiveM Dominos Map: An Enhanced Gaming Experience with a Pizzeria Twist

Experience the immersive world of GTA with our FiveM Dominos Map – Pizza cooking, a welcoming sitting area all within your gaming reach.

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Are you a Grand Theft Auto fan? Are you an enthusiast of FiveM’s modding community? If you’ve been exploring opportunities to add more character and flavour to your game, then you’ve come to the right place. Our FiveM Domino’s Map delivers an exciting upgrade to your gaming experience by providing an interactive environment that captures the spirit of a bustling pizza parlour.

The FiveM Domino’s Map is a unique modification (MLO) for Grand Theft Auto (GTA). It’s a meticulously designed map that flawlessly brings the most loved pizza chain, Domino’s, into the world of GTA. With this map, gamers can delve into an interactive Domino’s Pizza shop environment with an authentic cooking area and a comfortable seating area for customers.

The Domino’s cooking area is a hive of activity, created with detailed precision to mimic the bustle of a real Domino’s kitchen. Here, you can experience the thrill of cooking and preparing pizza in an immersive setting. This makes your GTA game not only an adventure-driven experience but also an exciting culinary journey. The cooking area is equipped with several essential features, including a pizza oven, prep tables, and numerous pizza ingredients, all designed to enhance your gaming realism.

Adding another layer of immersion, the customer seating area is a reflection of the warm and inviting spaces that Domino’s is known for globally. This area is expertly crafted to provide an engaging environment where customers can enjoy their pizza. It includes features like cosy seating, tastefully decorated interiors, and an ambience that exudes a family-friendly vibe.

The FiveM Domino’s map offers an opportunity to add a fresh spin to your GTA FiveM game. Whether you’re role-playing as a pizza chef or a customer enjoying a slice, this modification enhances your gaming experience by adding a whole new level of interaction and exploration.

Now, let’s dive into some key features of this exclusive map.


  • Authentic Domino’s cooking area with a fully-functional kitchen, including pizza ovens and prep tables.
  • A realistic customer seating area with a comfortable ambience to enhance in-game interaction.
  • Detailed and vibrant graphics, add a new level of realism to your GTA gaming experience.
  • User-friendly map layout, making it easy to navigate through the pizza shop.
  • Seamless integration with the GTA FiveM platform, ensuring an uninterrupted gaming experience.
  • Regular updates to keep the map fresh and engaging, reflecting real-world changes in Domino’s outlets.


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