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This is a 3-floor Fivem Mission Row PD Mlo with Reception, Offices and Meeting Room, Camera Room, Gym and Shooting Range.

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Introducing the 3-floor Fivem Mission Row PD Mlo, a highly detailed and immersive modification that brings a fully functional police department to your FiveM server.

Let’s explore the features of each floor:

Floor 1:

  • Garage: A spacious area to park police vehicles, ensuring easy access for officers.
  • Changing Room: Equipped with lockers and facilities for officers to change into their uniforms.
  • Gym: A dedicated space for officers to stay fit and maintain their physical training.
  • Shooting Range: Practice your shooting skills in a realistic and safe environment.
  • Armory: Securely store weapons and equipment for law enforcement operations.
  • Multiple Entrances: With 4 entrances for cars, 1 entrance to the stairwell, and one to the back side of the PD, officers have various access points for enhanced flexibility and efficiency.

Floor 2:

  • Lobby: A welcoming area that sets the tone for the police department.
  • Reception: Staffed by friendly personnel, ensuring a smooth visitor experience.
  • Office: Provides a dedicated workspace for administrative tasks and paperwork.
  • Camera Room: Monitor and control surveillance cameras for enhanced security and situational awareness.
  • Functioning Side Doors: Realistic side doors that can be operated for additional access points.
  • Briefing Room: Gather officers for important briefings and discussions.
  • Stairs: Conveniently connect the different floors of the police department.
  • Toilets: Essential restroom facilities for both officers and visitors.
  • Staff Room / Kitchen: A comfortable space for officers to relax and enjoy meals during their shifts.
  • Classroom: Conduct training sessions and educational programs for officers’ professional development.
  • Chief’s Office: A private office for the department’s chief, providing a dedicated space for leadership tasks and meetings.

Floor 3:

  • 6 Cells: Detain suspects securely in these individual holding cells.
  • 2 Interrogation Rooms: Conduct interrogations and gather crucial information.
  • Mugshot Area: Capture booking photos of arrested individuals.
  • 3 “Hospital” Rooms: Provide medical attention and care for detainees when needed.
  • Lab: Analyze evidence and conduct forensic investigations.
  • Evidence / Storage Room: Safely store and organize important evidence and case files.
  • Ladder to the Roof: Access the rooftop for various purposes, such as surveillance or emergency situations.

With its comprehensive and realistic features, the 3-floor Fivem Mission Row PD Mlo offers an immersive police department experience for role-playing servers. Enhance the law enforcement aspect of your server with this meticulously designed modification.

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