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PawnShop Mlo For FiveM is a modification that adds a pawn shop to the FiveM game mode. The pawn shop is a fully-featured interior with a variety of items for sale, including weapons, clothing, and accessories. The pawn shop also has a working pawn system, so players can sell their unwanted items for cash.

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PawnShop Mlo has been completely renewed with a new fully original and animated structure, all new features and comforts. The custom 100% original interior structure is sure to impress, with custom light panels, textures, and materials. The custom prop is a unique touch that will add to the realism of the scene. And don’t worry about your GPU performance, because the creators have taken care of that. PawnShop Mlo is easy to install, so you can start enjoying it right away.

Here are some of the key features of PawnShop Mlo:

  • Custom 100% original interior structure
  • Custom light panels
  • Custom textures and materials
  • Custom prop
  • Easy to install
  • Does not affect GPU performance


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PawnShop Mlo For FiveM FiveM Mlo | PawnShop Mlo For FiveM
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