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FiveM Ocean Hospital Mlo offers a realistic and detailed medical facility for your roleplay server. Our Fivem Hospital mlo includes six MLO spread over five floors, with over 20 customised medical accessories.

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Ocean Medical Center – A Comprehensive FiveM Hospital MLO

Elevate your FiveM gaming experience with our newly designed Ocean Medical Center. This immersive FiveM hospital MLO encapsulates a brand new exterior, creatively crafted to match the original form of the building. It’s not just an ordinary hospital, it’s a comprehensive world that extends over five floors and six MLOs, meticulously designed for the ultimate gaming experience.

Features of our FiveM Ocean Hospital:

  • Our Ocean Medical Center boasts over 20 new customised medical accessories, some featuring on-screen animations, to enhance your interaction with the environment.
  • A full-color, customised minimap with annotations for all included MLO, providing you with easy navigation throughout the FiveM hospital interior.
  • Reception, emergency, and medical rooms, access ramp, pharmacy, laboratory, and even a veterinary room at level 0, making it a highly detailed hospital FiveM MLO.
  • Level 1 houses small operating rooms, a relaxation area, medical rooms, a rehabilitation room, optitian room, and consulting rooms.
  • Dive into further realism with meeting/training rooms and medical rooms at level 2.
  • On level 8, you’ll find an open-space with various offices and a meeting room.
  • The basement level -2 features a large operating area, an IRM Room, medical scanner, storage room, and an ambulance garage.
  • Our FiveM Pillbox hospital MLO also includes two helipads, toilets on each floor, and lifts on each floor, enhancing the simulation realism of your FiveM hospital ymap.

Dive into a whole new world of interactive gaming with our Ocean Medical Center. With our detailed FiveM MLO hospital, we bring you an unparalleled gaming experience with realism at its core. Whether you’re looking for a FiveM Viceroy hospital or a FiveM Pillbox hospital interior, our Ocean Medical Center is your all-in-one solution.

Turn your ordinary gaming into an extraordinary journey with our all-new FiveM hospital. Enter the realm of the Ocean Medical Center now!


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Fivem Hospital mlo FiveM Ocean Hospital Mlo | Fivem Hospital mlo
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