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Immerse yourself in an exceptional gaming journey with our NoPixel 3.5 Full FiveM Server. Purchase your server now for a captivating role-play adventure built on the QBCore Server.

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Elevate your FiveM gameplay with our elite NoPixel 3.5 Full Server, a perfect choice for all FiveM aficionados! Avail of our premier FiveM QBCore server for sale that delivers an unparalleled gaming encounter, entirely designed for your gaming desires. With NoPixel server maps and mods in your toolkit, you’ll construct an unmatched role-playing atmosphere swiftly.

We proudly introduce our NoPixel 3.5 Full Server Download, constructed on the latest QBCore Framework. This QBCore full server is prepared to accommodate more than 500 players concurrently, compatible with OneSync Infinity and Legacy. Delve into a world of superior maps, bespoke scripts, vehicles, and EUPs that accompany our FiveM QBCore server files.

What differentiates our NoPixel 3.5 full Server?

Our NoPixel 3.5 Server Files are not mere custom core-based servers. They are designed uniquely with the latest version of QBCore Server scripts. You’ll receive a base server identical to our Test server, available upon reaching out to us. We have subjected our servers to strenuous performance and feature testing. They are primed and ready for delivering high-grade, optimized FiveM experiences.

Test Our Server Before Your Purchase:

We recognize the value of experiencing before purchasing. That’s why we provide a 24/7 live test server for prospective customers to examine and experience our NoPixel 3.5 Full Server firsthand. Catch a glimpse of the engaging FiveM gameplay, dynamic functionalities, and seamless performance that our servers bring.

Test Server IP:

Use /getadmin command to get admin permission.

Docs of the server – FiveM Server Docs

qbcore server

Highlights of our QBCore Server:

  • Influenced profoundly by NoPixel 3.5 with the latest advanced QBCore Framework
  • Encompasses over 20 Heists & Robberies and 6 diverse types of drugs
  • Above 60 Jobs & Activities spanning Police, EMS, Mechanic, Car Dealer, and more
  • Augmented systems for Gangs, Banking, Multiple Characters & Spawning
  • Upgraded UI, Job grades/ranks with Boss menus
  • Discord Integration, Rich presence (with Server Logs), and Anti-cheat
  • New EmoteMenu featuring Custom Emotes & 3000+ Dances akin to NoPixel

For a captivating experience, we provide:

  • Large Clothing Pack featuring 15,000+ assets
  • The latest CAYO PERICO Island
  • Premium housing shells and Custom Job Vehicles
  • 200+ Custom Vehicles, including high-end models
  • And much more for the avid role-player!


AI Taxi script preview


Cayo Parico Preview

For an exhaustive list of features, navigate to our dedicated page: NoPixel Inspired QBCore Roleplay Server.

Don’t hold back! Upgrade your FiveM gaming experience with our NoPixel 3.5 Full Server Download today. Immerse yourself in the ultimate role-playing community on FiveM. We assure you, once you try our server, you’ll understand exactly how to acquire your own FiveM QBCore server!”

Explore our full features list on this page: Nopixel Inspired QBCore Roleplay Server.


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