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Explore this top-tier FiveM tunershop MLO near Pink Cage Motels, featuring a dyno, spraybooth, mechanic areas, an office, dedicated wheel storage, and captivating neon lights, all within an intricately crafted 3D interior. Unleash your automotive creativity in this immersive and realistic virtual environment.

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Introducing one of the finest FiveM tunershop MLOs situated in proximity to the Pink Cage Motels. Unlike a typical ymap build, this remarkable interior is meticulously crafted as a proper MLO with exceptional 3D detailing. With a range of features designed to enhance the gaming experience, this tunershop MLO guarantees an immersive and realistic environment for virtual car enthusiasts.


  • Dyno: Experience the thrill of measuring and optimizing your vehicle’s performance with a fully functional dynamometer.
  • Spraybooth: Give your prized vehicles a fresh new look with a dedicated spray booth equipped with state-of-the-art painting facilities.
  • Office: Take care of administrative tasks and manage your tunershop business efficiently in a dedicated office space.
  • Mechanic Areas: Perform intricate repairs, modifications, and upgrades in spacious mechanic areas equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment.
  • Room for Wheels: Showcase and store a wide variety of wheels, allowing customers to choose the perfect set for their vehicles.
  • Neon Outside: Enhance the exterior aesthetic of your tunershop with vibrant neon lighting, creating an inviting atmosphere for potential customers.

With its immersive 3D design, this tunershop MLO provides an unparalleled virtual experience, offering a dynamic and comprehensive space for car customization, repairs, and upgrades. Get ready to delve into the world of automotive tuning like never before!

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Tunershop MloFivem Tunershop Mlo | Liberty Walk
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