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FiveM Cafe MLO : Experience the charming UwU Cat Cafe MLO, a custom FiveM map where you can own and operate a cafe, interact with adorable cats, and indulge in immersive role-playing scenarios.

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FiveM Cafe MLO


Welcome to the UwU Cat FiveM Cafe MLO


Step into the enchanting world of the UwU Cat Cafe MLO, a captivating custom map designed exclusively for FiveM role-playing enthusiasts. Immerse yourself in the delightful ambiance of a cat-themed cafe where endless adventures await.

Unleash Your Creativity with UwU Cat Cafe MLO

The UwU Cat Cafe MLO offers a meticulously crafted environment, complete with a fully functional kitchen, inviting dining area, and a lively cat playroom. Engage in interactive gameplay as you feed, care for, and play with the adorable feline residents. Discover endless possibilities for role-playing scenarios, from casual get-togethers with friends to thrilling undercover operations.

Elevate Your FiveM Experience with UwU Cat Cafe MLO

Indulge in the ultimate FiveM experience by exploring the UwU Cat Cafe MLO. With its exceptional attention to detail, this map presents a wide array of opportunities for immersive role-playing. Whether you seek a relaxing break or an exhilarating adventure, the UwU Cat Cafe MLO is your gateway to unforgettable moments in the virtual world.

Key Features of the UwU Cat Cafe MLO:

  • Fully functional map, available for purchase on
  • Experience the charm of a working kitchen, dining area, and engaging cat playroom
  • Interact with the cats, feeding and cleaning up after them
  • Enjoy a delightful selection of food and drinks from the cafe’s menu
  • A preferred choice for role-playing scenarios among FiveM enthusiasts
  • Impeccably designed and detailed to enhance your gaming experience


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FiveM Cafe MLO FiveM uwu Cafe | FiveM Cafe MLO
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