Innovative Henhouse Nightclub MLO: A Unique Nightlife Experience in FiveM



Immerse in virtual nightlife with FiveM’s Henhouse Nightclub MLO. Fully equipped with a DJ system, interactive bar, and qb-houses compatibility.

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Have you ever wanted to enhance the nightlife scene in your FiveM server with a ready-made, fully operational, and realistic nightclub? Look no further than our Henhouse Nightclub MLO. This map-level object is designed to integrate seamlessly into your FiveM environment, offering your server users an engaging, immersive experience. Our Henhouse Nightclub MLO is a state-of-the-art addition to any FiveM setup, whether you’re hosting a small group of friends or a large, bustling community.

This pre-constructed nightclub MLO is a beautifully designed establishment with a pulsating atmosphere. The interior is painstakingly detailed to recreate the quintessential nightclub experience, with every corner radiating the lively energy that you’d expect from a real-world counterpart. From the moment your server users step through its virtual doors, they will find themselves transported into a vibrant world of music, dance, and entertainment.

One of the key features of the Henhouse Nightclub MLO is its built-in DJ system. This system gives your server users the opportunity to control the music and create the perfect ambience for their evening. The DJ system isn’t just a superficial addition—it allows players to interact and engage with the environment in an immersive, novel way.

Henhouse Nightclub MLO is designed to be FiveM ready, ensuring effortless installation into your server. With this MLO, you won’t have to worry about compatibility or functionality issues. It is perfectly adapted to work in conjunction with qb-houses for a seamless, integrated experience.

Features of the Henhouse Nightclub MLO include:

  • A realistic, beautifully designed nightclub interior.
  • A built-in DJ system for player interaction and control over the music.
  • FiveM-ready for effortless integration into your server.
  • Compatible with qb-houses for a seamless experience.
  • A vibrant and engaging atmosphere for players.


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Henhouse Nightclub MLO Innovative Henhouse Nightclub MLO: A Unique Nightlife Experience in FiveM
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