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Intergrity Lobby :  Mlo is a meticulously crafted multi-level interior modification for FiveM, featuring realistic architecture, interactive objects, and customizable layouts, providing players with an immersive roleplaying experience.

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FiveM Integrity Lobby Mlo is a meticulously designed multi-level object (MLO) modification for the popular multiplayer modification platform called FiveM. This immersive MLO brings a unique and engaging experience to players by providing a highly detailed and interactive environment within the game.

Intergrity Lobby

Here are some of its notable features:

  • Multi-level interior: The MLO introduces multiple levels of interiors, allowing players to explore various areas such as a stylish entrance, luxurious lounges, offices, and more.
  • Realistic architecture: The MLO incorporates realistic architectural elements, including modern designs, sleek furniture, and high-quality textures, creating a visually stunning environment.
  • Interactive objects: Players can interact with various objects found within the MLO, such as doors, elevators, and interactive props, enhancing the overall immersion.
  • Customizable layout: The MLO offers flexibility in terms of layout customization, allowing server owners to tailor the interior to their specific needs and preferences.
  • Roleplay-friendly features: Integrity Lobby Mlo includes roleplay-oriented features like reception areas, meeting rooms, and staff offices, providing an ideal setting for immersive roleplaying scenarios.


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