Explore the All-new Los Santos-Coastguard MLO: A Riveting Experience for FiveM Users



Experience the immersive Los Santos-Coastguard MLO in FiveM. Train, plan, and patrol with realism in this detailed two-story coastal guard facility

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In the expansive universe of FiveM, a modification for Grand Theft Auto V that facilitates roleplay servers, the LosSantos-Coastguard MLO (Map Location Object) stands out. It caters to players eager for a rich, immersive experience in the coast guard services of Los Santos. This intricate MLO presents a unique opportunity to dive into an authentic simulation of coast guard operations within the vibrant cityscape of Los Santos.

Being FiveM ready, the LosSantos-Coastguard MLO is straightforward to install and seamless to integrate into your FiveM server. The MLO provides a comprehensive representation of coast guard offices spread across two floors, providing a realistic and in-depth view of the intricacies of coast guard operations.

The offices are designed to support the training of the coast guard, giving players an immersive environment to understand and enact the roles and responsibilities of a coast guard officer in Los Santos. With this MLO, players can engage in missions, embark on operations, and participate in rigorous training sessions, mimicking the thrill and challenges of coast guard services.

Apart from the offices, the MLO incorporates other key aspects of coast guard operations. From the Los Santos County Sheriff’s Office to a range of GTA 5 coast guard vehicles, the MLO offers an intricate network of assets that players can interact with. Furthermore, it also includes the much sought-after Los Santos Customs MLO and script, ensuring that the coast guard vehicles are as customizable as they are operational.

With the Los Santos Coastguard MLO, players can immerse themselves in the high-stakes world of coast guard operations. Whether it’s conducting maritime patrols, engaging in rescue missions, or experiencing the pressure and protocol of the coast guard’s working environment, this MLO brings it all to your FiveM experience.


  • Fully integrated with FiveM for seamless online gameplay
  • Two-floor building structure with offices to simulate a real-life coast guard facility
  • Training facilities for comprehensive coast guard operations
  • Includes Los Santos Customs MLO and script for vehicle customization
  • Wide range of GTA 5 coast guard vehicles
  • Interaction with the Los Santos County sheriff for a holistic roleplay experience


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LosSantos-Coastguard MLO Explore the All-new Los Santos-Coastguard MLO: A Riveting Experience for FiveM Users
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