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NoPixel Bean Machine MLO: Engage in immersive coffee shop roleplay with the popular map. Craft and serve coffee drinks, earn wages, and tips. Enjoy a detailed interior and interact with fellow players. The ultimate roleplay experience awaits.

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The NoPixel Bean Machine MLO is a custom map that is used for the BeanMachine job on the NoPixel roleplay server. The map is a large, open interior of a coffee shop that is located in West Vinewood, Los Santos. The interior of the coffee shop is well-detailed and includes a variety of props and furniture, such as tables, chairs, coffee machines, and ovens. There is also a back room that is used for storage and employee breaks.

The BeanMachine job is a simple one. Players who take on the job are tasked with making and serving coffee to customers. Players can interact with the coffee machines and ovens to make a variety of coffee drinks, such as espresso, lattes, and cappuccinos. Once a drink is made, players can then serve it to customers who are waiting in line. Players are paid a wage for each drink they serve, and they can also earn tips from customers.

The NoPixel BeanMachine MLO is a popular map for roleplay servers. It is a well-made map that provides a realistic and immersive environment for players to roleplay in. The BeanMachine job is also a fun and engaging way for players to earn money and interact with other players.

Here are some of the features of the NoPixel BeanMachine MLO:

  • Large, open interior of a coffee shop
  • Well-detailed interior with a variety of props and furniture
  • Back room for storage and employee breaks
  • Simple BeanMachine job that involves making and serving coffee
  • Players are paid a wage for each drink they serve
  • Players can also earn tips from customers
  • Popular map for roleplay servers


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NoPixel Bean Machine MLO NoPixel Bean Machine MLO | Bean Machine Map
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