Explore the Vagos Hideout MLO for FiveM: An Intricate Haven for GTA 5 Enthusiasts



Dive into the Vagos Hideout MLO in FiveM! Featuring an 8-ball table, storage rooms & more in GTA 5’s iconic Vagos territory

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When the gaming community speaks of immersion and realism, the world of FiveM often stands as a testament to these ideals. Modding has changed the way we experience games, and the Vagos Hideout FiveM MLO (Map Loading Override) is a perfect embodiment of that evolution. Diving into the world of GTA V, this MLO has transformed the experience of countless players.

Exploring the Vagos Hideout in GTA V

Within the crime-ridden streets of Los Santos in GTA V, the Vagos stand as one of the most notorious gangs. While their presence is felt throughout the city, their hideout is a testament to their operations and influence. Thanks to the FiveM community, players can now explore this hideout in ways that the base game didn’t allow. The Vagos Hideout FiveM MLO does more than just add a new location; it offers players an authentic experience, immersing them further into the world of Los Santos.

Features of the Vagos Hideout FiveM MLO:

  • FiveM Ready: Built explicitly for the FiveM platform, ensuring seamless integration and a bug-free experience.
  • Base Floor Details: Features two secure entrance doors leading to the primary living quarters. This includes a fully functional kitchen and a hall, complete with a comfortable seating area.
  • First Floor Highlights: Venture to the first floor, and players will find an entertainment paradise. Here lies an 8-ball pool table, inviting you for a quick game. Further exploration reveals a bedroom for rest and a unique room designed for storing drugs, medicines, and other contraband items.
  • Cultural Integration: The design of the hideout reflects the gang’s love for lowriders, capturing the essence of the Vagos’ culture in GTA V.


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Vagos Hideout MLO Explore the Vagos Hideout MLO for FiveM: An Intricate Haven for GTA 5 Enthusiasts
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